Bonne Nuit 21

Finlandia Vodka, Amaro, Green Chartreuse, Cinnamon Syrup, Freshly Brewed Espresso


Apple All Spice Cosmo 23

Grey Goose, Pimento Dram, Cranberry Juice, Apple Spice Syrup, Cranberry Bitters

Mezcal Hibiscus Sour 24

Arette Blanco, Union Mezcal, Cinnamon Syrup, Lemon Juice 

Sparkling Martini 26

Bruichladdich The Botanist Gin, Sparkling Rosé, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur   

Tequila Old Fashioned 21

Arette Blanco Tequila, Honey Syrup, Lime & Plum Bitters, Lime Zest 

Prohibition Old Fashioned 23

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Orange Peel


White Mezcal Negroni 26

Union Mezcal, Domaine de Canton, Lillet Blanc  

Bartender's Concoction MP 

Selection of the Bartender's Special Recipes (changes daily)  




Seasonal Fruit Lemonade 10
Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Fever Tree Soda Water, Fresh Fruit

Sparkling Apple Cider 12

Apple Juice, Apple Spice Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Fever Tree Soda Water, Cinnamon

Seasonal Shrub & Bubbles 12

Local Wine Vinegar, Sugar, Fever Tree Soda Water

House Made Ginger Beer 9

Ginger, Fever Tree Soda Water, Lemon




The Grizzly Paw Brewing Co. 

Rutting Elk Red 7
Powder Hound Blonde Ale 7

Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat 7

Bearvertail Raspberry Ale 7

Mill St. Organic, Canada 9



Village Brewery Pale Ale or Stout 9